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Expert in handling files of medical records.


Health documentalists are responsible for managing the information in a healthcare centre and making this information available to other professionals (usually clinical) from healthcare institutions. In addition, they offer their services to other interested agents such as: patients, relatives, accrediting agencies, other hospital centres, other external professionals, courts, etc.

The digitalization of health documentation derived from technological transformation has meant that these professionals work with specific healthcare software for information and data management (clinical and non-clinical).


  • Manage the patients' healthcare information, specifically the electronic medical record (EMD).
  • Collect and record patients' data in the computer system.
  • Update the information in the system and maintain it.
  • Establish mechanisms that ensure the confidentiality of the information and its availability.
  • Apply clinical information recovery systems in order to extract data for exploitation and validations, for example for healthcare uses, research, education, etc.
  • Authorize and give permission within the system to access to medical records.
  • Manage clinical information for third parties: patients, accrediting agencies, other hospitals, etc.
  • Detect errors and correct duplicities of the system data: missing information, etc.

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