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Experts in collection digitisation projects are responsible for assuring the transformation process of information from physical format to digital format, thus attaining advantages of conservation, storage and processing that the digital system has. Their work is essential in conserving information and documentation on cultural assets and collections at museums, archives, libraries, etc. Their tasks may sometimes include planning the collections to take advantage of the numerous advantages offered by digital pictures when creating publications, exhibition catalogues, use in promotional campaigns or simply as tools for consultation and research.


  • Define the objectives of the new digital collection.
  • Take into account the audience's characteristics and numbers who have access to information to plan the amount of information that will be digitised.
  • Foresee possible uses that the museum or institution will have for the digital collection (research, publications, shop, publishing brochures, etc.)
  • Develop a digitisation plan, taking into account the material to be digitised, the technology required, workspaces and storage locations.
  • Plan the digitisation process so that it is done in the most logical and organised way possible.
  • Design the storage systems needed, taking into account data protection systems and conservation conditions.
  • Select images and materials to digitise and identify them (authorship, physical description and subject matter) and catalogue them (organisation in series, collections and image sets).
  • Perform the digitisation process properly speaking, using the most appropriate technology.
  • Compare the original and digitised images to assure quality.
  • Create a guide or inventory of the collection and a database with the digitised contents.

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