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Experts specialising in cultural heritage buildings perform research tasks and draw up technical and historic reports prior to starting works on sets of buildings, buildings or architectural elements in a city. Their work provides basic contextual and historic information with the aim of doing work that respects the heritage and provides support tools for professional architects in charge of running the projects.


  • Draw up a report about the building or heritage asset involved.
  • Carry out research in order to gather as much information as possible about the building or heritage asset.
  • Analyse the heritage asset, bearing in mind its historical, architectural, urban planning, territorial and sociological context.
  • Draft the report or "study", as it is known, which will serve as the basis for the work to be done on the building by the project team.
  • Draw up a technical report, which may vary depending on the goals and aim of the project.
  • Compile a graphic record, on the basis of photos, drawings, plans..., in order to illustrate the transformation of the building, possible redevelopment works and materials used.
  • Carry out photographic documentation and digitisation tasks before and after the restoration project.
  • Produce mockups using cocmputer programmes and generate virtual walkthroughs (3D Studio VIZ, ArchiCAD).
  • If they are collaborating with the architect in charge of the project, they may contribute to the actual practical technical report to be used.

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