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Graphic design (assistant) technician


Graphic designer who carries out tasks to prepare the graphic material for pre-production, in other words, for the phase prior to the final production or printing. Based on the design made by a creative graphics designer, the technical pre-production designer finalises the project and reviews it so that the platemaker receives it with all instructions necessary for the correct preparation of the material, which will be used for subsequent production. This technician perfectly understands the design project and the different final production (or printing) systems, as well as the various materials or mediums on which it can be created. Thus, this job is carried out by the creative professionals and production team, and its objective is to ensure that the creative graphics project is carried out with no errors.


  • Create the pre-production materials for final production (master copies).
    Set out the design plans in a document that makes it possible to conduct pre-production tests. Participate in print projects, such as catalogues, printed advertisements, containers, signs, etc.
    This preparation includes the original creation with the compilation of images related to the plans, indication of colours, indentations, etc., in short, all the information necessary for the professionals involved in the pre-production (engravers, collators, photographers, etc.) to perfectly understand the work they must carry out and the desired result.
  • Supervise the pre-production tests.
    Together with the graphic designer or art director, supervise the material prior to the final production, with regard to the design, the placement of the graphic elements and the colours.

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