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The show manager is the professional responsible for the distribution, sale and publicity of a cultural product. This is a professional profile that combines the aptitudes of a marketing and public relations expert with a thorough understanding of the world of cultural management and the entertainment business in general. They provide the key link between artists and prospective clients interested in programming their production, acting as spokesperson for the final outcome of the artist's work, protecting their interests, and being the person in charge of negotiation and dialogue with clients (auditoriums, music halls, theatres, museums, conference rooms, concert halls, private or public cultural spaces, culture centres, art galleries, among others).


  • Agree economic conditions of service with the client.
  • Complete assessments, testing the hiring possibilites of the artistic and cultural creation and using all possible resources to contact with potential programmers.
    Contact public institutes that organise cultural events to offer them the possibility of hiring the company's clients.
  • Contact private companies and halls, festival organisers, etc., and perform direct promotion via personal interviews with their representatives.
    Produce an address book, that will be a key work tool.
  • Act as intermediary, establishing a first contact between artistic creators and programmers.
  • Develop the project proposal or dossier and send it to the programmer. The dossier includes the artistic note of the artistic and cultural creation represented, a synopsis of the work, a press release, etc.
  • Arrive at an economic agreement with the programmer.
  • Organise travel logistics of the client, hotel reservations and means of transport and accompany the client at all times so as to be on hand to solve any possible unforeseen events.
  • Take charge of the administrative management of the service, of taxation, carrying out pertinent administrative procedures, and the charging of fees and possible allowances.
  • Manage the promotional campaign of a product or service, participating in the publicity campaign, organising press conferences and planning possible interviews with the media.
  • Complete a final report in which results are assessed.

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