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Digital image editors work on the production of an audiovisual or multimedia product. They use computer programmes to produce compositions of shots, backgrounds and all of the elements and objects that comprise a still image. They carry out their work before the postproduction stage, and these compositions are included in the editing and mixing of the images. These professionals work under the director of photography and combine their work with that of the painting artists, digital process artists, special effects artistics and digital process technical directors.


  • In the preproduction phase, work on the definition of the environments and backgrounds alongside the creative team, the 3D director and/or the director of photography.
  • Carry out the necessary operations in order to complete a shot and all of the elements that comprise it, as well as integrating the animated characters.
  • Using specific applications, supervise elements such as paintings, the colour, the environment, the focal lengths of the camera and the perspective and spatial values of a frame.
  • Produce the drawings for the frame (still image).
  • Produce the final still frames.

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