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The exhibition production specialist is responsible for carrying out the set-up process and attending to the technical needs of an exhibition, installation or artistic activity, in cases where there is no permanent technical staff. Therefore, their work is dedicated to providing a technical solution to galleries, artists and independent art spaces that do not have the same human and material resources as large institutional exhibitions.


  • Creates the calendar for the activities to be carried out as the exhibition is being produced, while it is running and during the dismantling phase.
    Place all actions to do and the parties responsible for each one into a working calendar.
    Establish an order of priorities.
  • Request the works to be exhibited from all people lending them.
  • Hire the services of the specialised companies required to produce the exhibition.
    Take out the insurance policies to cover the transfer and exhibition of the works.
    Hiring companies to package and transport the works.
    Hire all lighting, furniture and graphic design services needed.
  • Take charge of the technical coordination of processes and the team involved in the production.
  • Take preventive conservation measures into account to assure the optimum maintenance of all works and facilities during the phases of assembly, exhibition and dismantling.
  • Take charge of quality control.
  • Control budgets.
    Monitors the expenses as the production tasks are commissioned.

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