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This professional carries out tasks of production and supply scheduling. He/she also carries out the necessary human- and technical-resource planning and requirements of the sales area. This professional also has to analyse the evolution of the productive system, in order to detect unfavourable departures from common trends, concerning the balance between load and capacities. The professional must provide adequate warning of changes in the volume of production for the adaptation of resources.


  • Organise the daily programming of production media.
  • Establish the criteria to be applied to operational functions of the logistics programme and its management and handle the relevant follow-up and control activities.
  • Follow specific management parameters to provide advance warnings regarding production and purchasing trends in order to adjust workload to capacity.
  • Draw up production schedules in accordance with commercial requirements, workloads and production capacity.
  • Draw up control documentation.
  • Intervene in monitoring the handling of logistics operations.
  • Draw up suitable criteria for the processing of information and to establish quantities and indicators.
  • Draw up deviation correction mechanisms.

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