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Aircraft Rescue Technician (TES); Firefighter (member of the Firefighting Service, SEI)


Firefighters carry out tasks of fire extinction and rescue in airports. Responds to emergencies that you can be produced in aircrafts or in airport facilities and buildings. This post involves working in extreme situations and environments in which the role of the firefighter is essential, and requires immediate and efficient action. Regulations dictated by the International Organisation of Civil Aviation (ICAO) establish the mandatory nature of this service, stipulating an exact number of staff and equipment necessary (vehicles, water, foam, etc.)


  • Quickly respond to emergency calls from the Firefighting Service (SEI). There is a clearly defined emergency plan, which must be followed strictly. Firefighters are expected to respond within three minutes.
    Carry out rescue operations, administering first aid where necessary (revival in the event of smoke intoxication, for example)
    Handle the different equipment at your disposal: rescue tools and hose, among others.
    Analyse the material damages of the accident and take the necessary precautions to avoid the spreading of the fire.
    Manage toxic wastes.
  • Take charge of maintenance tasks. Check that all the rescue and lifesaving equipment is in optimum condition.
    Check the state of rescue vehicles, revising engines and outflows of water and foam.
    Check the basic individual equipment (helmet, uniform, gloves and boots) and other equipment.
  • Inspect the facilities and buildings of the airport so that they fulfill the regulations of fire prevention and protection, checking warning signs. Controls environmental regulations.
  • Collaborates with the airport security team to control that regulations are fulfilled in the movement area (platform and runway).
  • Train on a daily basis.
    Carry out the exercises and activities so as to be in the necessary physical condition.
    Receive the theoretical and practical training to review procedures in the event of emergency and equipment operation mechanisms.
    Fire drills are held on occasion, for this reason.
  • Dedicated to training airport workers on how to act in the event of an emergency.
  • The Chief Fire Officer leads and is responsible for the firefighting team. In the event of emergency, he coordinates with the medical service in order to ensure an efficient response.

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