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Inventory manager, Stock control manager, Inventory leader


The person responsible for controlling stocks must monitor stock levels, whether it is a case of primary materials, semi-produced products or finished goods. This professional should guarantee that the stock control system is suitable to company policy. Establish stock check procedures of the physical inventory in the company. The stock control manager should participate in the determination of stock policy objectives of the company. Proposes corrective actions in the case of deviations in stock levels. The tasks of this professional can vary considerably according to materials managed (handling of chemical and metalwork materials would not be the same), and the management model of the company.


  • Define procedures and test procedures aimed at guaranteeing reliability of stocks.
    Organise physical control systems and/or periodic inventory documents.
    Use computer systems to control inventories in accordance with production planning programmes.
    Advise of excess or limited stock levels and define control procedures in accordance with the established plan and expected demand.
    Review planning methods and monitor the results of the logistic policy.
    Define and monitor stock turnover and obsolescence.
    Draw up and promote stock quality and reduction programmes. Draw up statistical reports on stocks.
    Define strategies to optimise picking (the preparation of purchase orders) and organise the categorisation of stocks as well as their delivery to the relevant facilities.
  • Check deviations and research their causes.
    Monitor any deviations from the production plan in terms of time and quantities.
    Advise of any delays. Organise physical control systems or periodic inventory documentation.
    Define and guarantee optimal and minimum stock levels in order to guarantee the control and profitability of supplies and the maintenance of production and sales processes.
    Anticipate replies for urgent, unforeseen or special demands.
  • Ensure the fulfillment of optimum and minimum stock levels established for the maintenance of the production process and fulfillment of the commercial programme.
  • Do the stock inventory, taking into account mercantile regulations.
  • Contributes to setting aside a security stock to cover possible excesses in regular demand provision or delays in the arrival of new stock.
  • Control the fullfillment of restocking.

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