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This is the professional in charge of the implementation of signalling remote control systems in railway networks - systems that control the signalling of trains and tracks, and automatic control and driving systems. :His/her role is carried out in different physical locations: in the rolling stock (trains), on the train tracks and control centres.


The main responsibilities of Rail Signal Engineers are as follows:
  • Coordinate and direct new remote-controlled signal installations, and optimise existing ones.
  • Manage teams that will execute projects of low responsibility.
  • Programme control systems by means of specific signalling and remote-controlled software.
  • Design tracks maps that include signalling systems that use computer-design programmes such as AutoCad.
  • Carry out the monitoring of signalling systems maintenance, located in equipment installed on the trains themselves.
  • Carry out monitoring of the maintenance teams and the signalling systems installed on tracks.
  • Coordinate and supervise the responsibilities of IT centre work teams that control stretches of track, and central control posts.
  • Generate documentation related to incidences associated with track signalling and remote control, and carry out proposed improvements.
  • Elaborate studies and carry out the analysis of information that serve to increase the quality of signalling and control systems.

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