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Lorry Driver; Chauffeur


The lorry driver is the professional in charge of transporting goods by road or carrying out last-mile distribution, in other words, delivery to the end consumer. The lorry driver is not limited to only driving the vehicle, but is also the person responsible for managing the documentation related to the load being transported. As information technologies are introduced in vehicles, such as GPS and digital tachographs, more technical skills will be required of lorry drivers. But the gradual installation of information systems in lorries will not only make goods transport more effective in business terms, it will also make the drivers' work day easier and safer. Thus, these systems include functions that alert the driver if they commit an error while driving, if the lorry is about to skid or if the rest times are being correctly observed. It is advisable for the lorry driver to receive training for efficient driving. The recent current regulations set forth the requirement that drivers of industrial vehicles must receive compulsory ongoing training. This professional reports to the Transport Manager.


  • Control and manage all the lorry's administrative and operational documentation.
  • Carry out the transport operations according to the instructions of the prepared routes.
  • Release or collect goods, together with the operational documentation, returning it properly filled in.
  • Fill in the respective documentation in the cases of accidents or incidents during the loading or route of the vehicle.
  • Take responsibility for the vehicle and load.
  • Ensure that the vehicle's preventive maintenance operations are carried out.
  • Take action when incidents occur during services.
  • Fulfil the administrative requirements related to the transport of hazardous goods.

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