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This is the person that attends to passengers with special needs. This can include a great number of people and situations: children travelling alone, people with disabilities, groups, VIPs, older people, etc. This is an occupation that demands a great willingness to help to passengers and skills to solve all type of problems.


  • Attend to those passengers who require assitance while in the airport, helping them to carry out different administrative tasks: check-in, accessing the aircraft, etc.
  • Receive those passengers that require special attention, when notified by the staff of the company.
  • Analyse the type of problems posed and possible measures to be taken: request a wheelchair to facilitate the circulation through the airport of disabled or old people, obtain special material for children travelling alone and prepare the reception of VIPs, etc. This task is very varied.
  • Take care of passengers who need special attention, from their momento of arrival until boarding. In some cases, they should be guided through the facilities.
  • Provide services offered by the company in particular cases, such as informative brochures in braille for people with visual disabilities. Manage security formalisms for disabled passengers where necessary.
  • Look after passengers with special needs who arrive at the airport. Receive information in advance, so as to be able to undertake the required preparations in each instance.
  • Accompany passengers in transit to their allocated boarding gate.
  • Guide passengers through all sections of the airport, up until the collection of luggage, in some cases even helping them to complete immigration procedures.
  • Be in constant communication with the rest of the staff of the company, so as to be easily located if an incidence arises.
  • Perform functions of public relations, together with the cabin crew, who represent the image of the company.
  • Send messages to the destination airport with detailed information on passengers so that they can take care of those who require special treatment.

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