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Security advisers in hazardous goods are responsible for preventing risk and the safety of people, the environment and goods in transport and storage activities for companies' hazardous goods.

Security advisers must also assure that companies and their employees comply with legal and administrative obligations and they participate if there are accidents or incident involving these hazardous materials. Since 1999, it has been compulsory at companies in all EU member countries that transport hazardous products by road, rail or sea, and/or execute loading and unloading operations to appoint at least one security adviser in hazardous goods.


  • Verify compliance with the European International Agreement on Dangerous Freight Transportation (ADR).
    This is the person in charge of planning and establishing the company procedures to be followed during the loading, unloading and transport of hazardous merchandise.
    Intervene in the event of accidents or incidents arising during the transport or storage of hazardous merchandise and take the appropriate corrective measures.
  • Present safety plans and procedures.
    Check that the company and subcontractors abide by the established plans and regulations and are in possession of the necessary administrative documention. Keep a record of any accidents or incidents the company might find itself involved in with regard to hazardous merchandise and define the corrective procedures to be followed in order to prevent their reoccurence.
  • Draw up the relevant reports.
    Draw up annual reports regarding activities involving hazardous merchandise.
  • In charge of providing appropriate training regarding the safety procedures to be applied in the company :
    Promote actions of sensitivity and training for staff that intervene in operations with dangerous goods.

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