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Air travel service operations and information technician (TEOISTA)


These professionals provide support to the air travel industry. They are responsible on the one hand for planning and managing activities relating to air navigation and for analysing, processing and disseminating aeronautical information, on the other. This means that their role is extremely wide-ranging, although it often boils down to a series of specific activities. They operate either from airports themselves or from Aena (the Spanish Airport and Air Navigation Authority) control centres.


  • Monitor airlines' flight plans within the Control Tower, to ensure completion of a flight schedule and making it possible to deal with potential incidents.
  • Ensure aeronautical information is dealt with properly in order to guarantee air navigation safety. This includes both information which is needed real-time, as well as permanent data: meteorological details, handbooks, etc.
    Compile, analyse and verify data.
    Process data in the required way for their subsequent use.
    Manage the diffusion of information through different media, via computer or communications systems.
    Update navigational publications and aerial handbooks.
  • Manage the production of pre-flight information bulletins (PIB) in order to be able to offer the information directly to general aviation users (aerotaxis, fire fighting services, private and sports aviation, etc.)
  • Keep in contact with national and international air navigation regulating bodies: Eurocontrol, International Civil Aviation Organisation, General Directorate for Civil Aviation.
  • Carry out the monitoring of air traffic volume in the assigned area, with the aim of achieving a balance between skills and demand.
    Draft traffic prediction reports, undertake statistics and publish bulletins.
    Participate in permissions granting for specific cases (construction works, public events, etc.)
  • Check and manage the central communication and aeronautic information system (COM / AIS) that supplies information related to air transit.
    Keep the web portal updated, and also its database and the database that contains flight plan information.
    Contribute to the production of AIS (Aeronautical Information Services) handbooks and regulations.
  • Deal with the Aeronautical Broadcasting Service. Supervise the dissemination of meteorological information to pilots that operate in his or her area.
  • Ensure compliance with established regulations at all times and keep abreast of possible developments.
  • Occasionally responsible for creating flight plans, in the event of a separate system for this not being available in the control centre.
  • Ensure that the lines of communication with distribution channels and end users are working properly.

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