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Multi-user vehicles fleet manager


Car sharing is a mobility alternative, especially interesting in large cities, because it improves circulatory flow and reduces air noise pollution.
This mobility alternative consists of sharing the vehicle in an organized manner with an undetermined number of drivers who have at their service a fleet of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.) that they access when they need or want to use them. In this way, the person who uses this service saves on maintenance costs of a private vehicle (fuel, insurance, taxes, repairs) and only pays a price per use. This service is regulated by a framework contract that stipulates fuel or electricity and additional costs.

Unlike most classic rental car companies, car sharing companies calculate their usage rates with maximum precision per minute or kilometre. Within the vehicle sharing modality, a distinction is made between so-called free fleet services and station-based services. In the latter, users have to go to a fixed station to collect the vehicle and must return it in the same place. In the case of the free fleet modality, the vehicles are parked on the street and people locate them through mobile applications. Once the trip is finished, they can park it in any public (legal) parking space in the operating area of the car sharing company.

Approximately from 2010, there has been a notable growth of car sharing companies that are promoted as such and that correspond to the free fleet model. It is here where these professionals exercise their functions due to the need to manage the vehicle fleet through digital means that facilitate fast and safe access to a vehicle, the management of the reservation system, the monitoring and control of the use of vehicles by each user and the safety and quality of the service.

Therefore, these professionals digitally manage the availability of vehicles, ensuring the correct operation of operating systems (generally digital platforms and applications for mobile devices) that allow access to a vehicle in the fleet according to the conditions greed between the carpool company and the user.


  • Manage the software for the management of the car sharing fleet, carrying out in particular control over access to vehicles, the management system for previous reservations (if necessary) and the state of maintenance, cleaning, and the general safety of the vehicle.
  • Supervise and verify vehicle reservations made on the digital management platform, ensuring their proper operation, and controlling the stock of available and occupied vehicles.
  • Supervise and manage incidents that may occur when users make improper use: leaving forgotten objects inside the vehicle, not leaving the fuel tank properly full, leaving the vehicle gross, not filling out the incident forms to be sent to the company where there has been any physical or mechanical deterioration of the vehicle (small parts of the vehicle broken, small bumps or scratches on the bodywork), etc.
  • Attend to users and their demands derived from the processing of reservations or the use of any vehicle in the fleet: incidents, complaints, demands, etc.
  • Monitor the correct operation and use of shared vehicles, ensuring their usability and safety for customers.
  • Likewise, control the useful life of the vehicle (age, mileage) to manage its eventual replacement and maintenance operations, both of which are periodic (oil change, official reviews every number of kilometres) and of a circumstantial nature (small accidents, scratches, mechanical parts or the vehicle¿s housing that deteriorate). Likewise, deal with external providers that provide maintenance and repair services for fleet vehicles and also vehicle insurance.
  • Advise the corresponding department of the car sharing company in relation to the new vehicle to be acquired.
  • Monitor and control the operating costs of the vehicle fleet, informing the accounting or commercial management department of the company. Each customer of the car sharing company has contracted certain conditions in the service they are to receive and, therefore, this must be monitored to determine the subsequent billing of the service, which is usually carried out monthly. Thus, these professionals provide the basic data to the commercial or accounting department, where the billing is prepared.
  • Keep in touch with the company supplying the computer systems and software for the improvement of its management services, proposing improvements and new functionalities.
  • Manage the information derived from the car sharing management system in order to design new and more precise services that meet customer needs through data mining and big data procedures.
  • Prepare commercial offers to optimize the use of the company's fleet of vehicles, increasing the use of the fleet by customers (control of fleet efficiency).
  • Transfer information and maintain fluent contact with the commercial vehicles' administration or customer service areas or departments since the fleet management system produces strategic information for the continuity of the company.

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