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The route planner organizes the route of goods vehicles delivering merchandises, ensuring its optimization. With the incorporation of information technologies in vehicles (GPS, mobile terminals, digital tachographs), these functions are becoming more technical. Until recently, the route planner prepared the routes before the vehicle left. The vehicle can now be tracked in real-time and so that the driver can be instructed to change the route to take on an unscheduled load. With the growth Internet purchases that require more customized distribution (especially in regard to delivery times) the figure of the route planner has now become a necessity. The wide variety of situations faced each day, delays for breakdowns or traffic congestion, means he must constantly make decisions and seek fast solutions for unexpected problems. In addition, with globalization of transport operations, this professional has to often organize and plan both national and international routes. He reports to the Transport Manager.


  • Organize the routes and schedules of the vehicles he is in charge of.
    Carry out distribution plans and procedures and the transport of orders and merchandise.
    Manage the use of the fleet and assign the human resources and materials necessary for each service.
    Monitor the staff's driving time according to current legislation and the company's objectives.
    Ensure that the maximum service quality level is reached and that the road safety rules are followed.
  • Optimise routes, loads and time in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
    Record, control and prepare reports on compliance with delivery times, costs, proportions and quality levels of the transport.
    Resolve incidents that arise in order to ensure that the service is provided in accordance with the agreed conditions.
  • Manage the vehicles' documentation.
    Make sure that the vehicles and load have the appropriate documentation.
    Record incidents related to vehicles and loads.
    Integrate purchase orders and issue service orders in accordance with the established planning and parameters.
  • Select the most suitable transport systems according to the type, weight and volume of the goods being transported.
  • Computer literacy.

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