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In the transportation of goods by sea, the key figure of freight forwarding companies is gaining increasing importance in the context of a globalised world with high volumes of international trade. A freight forwarding company is a business which operates as an intermediary between importers or exporters and international transportation companies (by any means of terrestrial, sea or air transportation). The figure of the forwarding business is regulated by international trade law and its functions clearly defined by international trade regulations. The sea traffic controller is a professional who works for a freight forwarding company and is in charge of organising and coordinating the transportaion of goods by sea, in line with customer orders and specifications. This person is also in charge of checking the status of the goods in the logistics process, in order to allow their tracking at any given time. Depending on the size of the company s/he may be specialised in import or export operations.


  • Regarding the import cycle:
    • Receive shipping orders, invoices and any other documents from customers or correspondents.
    • Issue delivery notes for warehouses and transportation companies.
    • Contact transportation companies to schedule loading.
    • Pay the tranportation service and monitor costs.
    • Receive delivery note conformity certificates
  • Regarding the export cycle:
    • Receive customer collection orders and open merchandise files.
    • Issue delivery notes for transportation companies and warehouses.
    • Ensure the completion of any administrative documents associated with the merchandise, including those required for special products (such as hazardous goods), including insurance.
    • Control the entry, storage and exit of goods into and out of the warehouse.
    • Issue goods transportation documents.
    • Issue the bill of lading and organise the loading of the merchandise onto the relevant means of transportation.
    • Give the relevant merchandise distribution instructions to the warehouse.
    • Send the file to Customs to dispatch the goods.

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