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The main function of this professional is to be the First Engineer Officer or Engineer Officer of the Watch on ships with propulsion power not exceeding 3000 kW.

If they have worked as an engineer officer for 24 months or more, they can be a chief engineer on ships with propulsion power exceeding 1100 kW.
An engineer is the specialist in the operation, control and maintenance of a shipŋs plant and machinery.


The main duties of a engineer are as follows:
  • Verify, check and maintain the various operating parameters of the propulsion engine and auxiliary engines (levels of cooling, greasing, fuel, hydraulics, batteries, etc.).
  • Open the cooling, batteries, diesel, etc. valves prior to engine start-up.
  • Start up the main engine and generators, checking that the operating parameters are correct.
  • Keep the machinery space tidy.
  • Assist with mooring and casting off when necessary.
  • Check instrument information readings on the bridge while at sea.
  • Fix any breakdowns that occur at sea.
Upon reaching port:
  • Check that the operating parameters are correct and then turn off the propulsion engine and generators.
  • Close the cooling, batteries, diesel, etc. valves.

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