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The professional task of the yacht agent is to provide support to the boat and the yacht crew during their stay at the port. These services are of diverse nature and are aimed at facilitating and making the stay in the marina where the yacht has docked easier and more pleasant, including the management of the mooring reservation, the management of the supplies of the services that the boat requires (water, electricity, fuel), the planning of tourist itineraries for the crew who wish to get to know the city, the planning of events and travel reservations, the provision of food and other materials, the management of any other necessary service (medical services, visa management and residence permits so that the crew does not incur any situation of illegality), and others. In short, the yacht agent must be able to deal effectively with any queries that may arise with the yacht's captain and crew.
The yacht agent works as a team and is at the same time the sole interlocutor with the yacht's crew, offering continuous advice and assistance to any demands that may arise, and for this reason, the yacht agent must have all the information and resources to meet the demands placed on him/her. All in all, the yacht agent works in a company that provides the services available to a recreational boat in order to provide quality solutions in the shortest possible response time, bearing in mind that the demands can be very broad, ranging from the supply a cleaner for the boat to the services of a consignee company.
The yacht agent must have a professional profile capable of foreseeing beyond the usual context in order to find creative solutions to the demands made on him/her; so it is necessary to have an attitude and a service mentality capable of working under pressure and providing solutions within a short period of time, always working with autonomy and personal initiative.


  • Deals with and establishes appropriate public relations and trusting relationships with the yacht owners, guests and crew.
  • Reservation of accommodation and registration with the marina administration.
    Mediation before the Customs Service and the relevant activities regarding visas and residence permits.
  • Management of supplies of all kinds, especially the most basic, such as fuel for the boat, as well as food, water and other materials.
  • Facilitate the maintenance and repair services of the boat if necessary, as well as any management related to insurance contracts.
  • Hire any service related to any eventual touristic activities of the crew; hotel reservations, purchase of tickets to attend events of any kind, paying for excursions and personalized sightseeing tours, among others.
It should be noted that the yacht agent normally deals with high net worth crews and therefore is expected to have access to quality services quickly, which determines the professional activity of the yacht agent, meeting all the demands placed on him/her. Under normal conditions, clients of yacht agents are highly demanding in the quality and speed of the services they request. Therefore, the yacht agent must have a strong network of resources and suppliers that will be available upon request from yacht owners and crews.

In short, the tasks of the yacht agent include completing the tasks related to the reception and stay of the vessels in a faster and more efficient way, acting as a facilitator and saving time and effort for the crews. It is necessary for the yacht agent to establish contact with the local authorities and suppliers, and they should make any visit to their port a simple process.

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