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International Trade Engineer


Foreign trade engineer is a key figure to gain international market, establishing contacts and business relationships with the relevant countries according to business objectives.

The main function of these professionals is to carry out purchasing and sales operations and manage logistics, warehousing and international distribution operations, in addition to the supervision of processes to guarantee the reliability of operations and the rational distribution of available means and spaces.

Given that most of the imports of long distance goods are made by sea, this professional usually works with freight forwarders and shipping agents, supervising all the steps of this process and contacting clients to establish the conditions and terms of the goods.

This professional may work in departments of marketing, logistics, information technology or business management.


  • Study, prepare and manage purchase and sales operations of any type worldwide, while managing the relevant negotiation and commercial relationship according to the current regulations of each territory.
  • Coordinate goods import operations with customers regarding terms, conditions for transportation and the application of INCOTERMS (standards regulating the conditions for international transportation and delivery of goods that are used to divide and assign the costs of international goods transport by defining the responsibilities and risks of the buyer and seller).
  • Manage logistics, warehousing and goods distribution operations and ensure that these operations are carried out in a way which ensures the integrity of merchandise and makes rational use of available resources and space.
  • Ensure the reliability of economic, legal and contractual aspects of international operations by using different financial schemes for carrying out foreign trade operations and performing related administrative duties.
  • Plan the financing of international merchandise transactions through a prior analysis of the different channels and the possible financial risks of these operations.
  • Negotiate with customers, suppliers and other parties the most suitable collection or payment method for their company and obtain the most beneficial financing schemes.

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