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Manager of intelligent information in companies


Professional whose mission is the intelligent management of information in any type of organization. The infonomist is a transversal profile that fuses the computer culture (to exploit the possibilities of information technologies), informational culture (to extract value from available information) and the culture of management (to ensure transmission and the capitalization of knowledge acquired in the organization).

In a business context, the infonomist¿s mission is to manage both the information generated in the company and that obtained from the outside as a competitive edge and in order to improve the personal and organizational competencies of the members of the organization.


  • Manage knowledge and the internal intellectual capital of the organization.
    Design a comprehensive vision of processes for identification, capture, distribution, sharing and evaluation of the information assets of an organization.
    Find sources that guarantee the entry of critical information.
    Manage knowledge and the internal intellectual capital of the organization.

  • Design systematic mechanisms to obtain information
    Promotes strategies for organizations to obtain the best information about their environment
    Design automated or semi-automated search mechanisms to obtain useful information for the company
    Promote an environment that simplifies the application of the latest technologies (better capture tools, better encoding and sharing of information).
  • Edits, organizes, and presents the receiver the most relevant information
    Design the "experience of transmitting information" to the receiver.
    Edit and organize the information obtained, filtering it and ensuring its quality.
    Define general criteria on format, usefulness and user-friendliness that allow the recipient to understand the information in the shortest possible time.
    Present the receiver with relevant out-sourced information, in an appropriate way and in a suitable format to guarantee its usefulness and user-friendliness.
  • Encourage the informational culture of the organization
    Encourage the exchange of knowledge among members of the organization by providing exchange spaces such as Intranet and group communicative or dynamic processes.
    Train and inform employees in order to increase the quality of the internal information flow of the company.

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