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An executive secretary is the professional who works closely with the general management of a company and helps to enhance its capacity and performance. They ensure that their superior has all the material and human resources necessary to carry out their work efficiently.
Over the years an executive secretary has gone from being the professional who answered the phone and typed their superiors letters to become the right-hand person who is the gateway to a senior executive and a key figure in the work performed by general management. They also manage executives time and carry out management tasks.
Nowadays over 40% of executive secretaries are graduates, speak foreign languages, have great organisational skills, can tell the difference between what is important and what is urgent, and have the flexibility needed to manage their superiors diaries.


The main duties of an executive secretary are as follows:
  • Compose correspondence and complex documents following their superiors instructions, which may or may not be detailed, and get them ready for signature by management.
  • Process business management documents, whether confidential or not, and file them in an organised way using their own system for easy access later on.
  • Find information in official documents, magazines, newspapers, trade publications, websites, etc., and analyse and summarise it as directed by their superior.
  • Manage executive diaries (meetings, trips, appointments, events, etc.).
  • Organise and manage executive business trips (flights, trains, hotels, restaurants, etc.).
  • Attend meetings and write up reports or minutes about the topics discussed.
  • Ensure that the manager's instructions are carried out as specified.
  • Take phone calls for the manager.
  • Attend to people who for one reason or another wish to contact the manager and offer them appropriate solutions.
  • Perform executive tasks and provide information on behalf of the manager.

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