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The security systems engineer works in private security companies which offer electronic anti-theft and burglary security system installation and maintenance services. Companies providing such services must be authorised by the Home Office, in accordance with private security regulations (Act 23/1992, dated30 July, on Private Security and deriving regulations). Likewise, this occupation takes care of the design and effective application of the security systems a company requires. These systems are increasingly associated with the use of new technologies.


  • Search for and research security systems to improve existing systems and apply new technological advances as they emerge.
  • Design, implement and check the operation of security systems. The role of security systems it is to protect objects and property from theft and burglaries, run CCTV and presential checks, etc. This encompasses:
    -Intrusion detection systems (such as volumetric, infra-red and microwave detection systems, etc.).
    -CCTV monitoring systems (television circuits).
    -Area or building control and entry monitoring systems.
  • Handle the maintenance and repair of security systems according to current regulations. When private security regulations require a security system to be installed, it is then necessary to carry out preventative system maintenance every three months. If a security system is installed despite not being compulsory, checks should be carried out on a yearly basis.
  • Private Security Regulations stipulate that the following must be carried out in alarm reception centres:
  • Carry out the alarm centre connection project.
    Carry out electronic security system design operations.
    Issue security system installation certificates.
  • Using graphic design programmes or CAD, draw up the building planimetry, indicating the location and signposting of the security equipment and systems to be installed and the relevant wiring pathways and levels .
  • When applicable, design electronic circuits for new hardware applications as well as the software required to operate or adapt customised solutions.
  • Assess the works and draw up schedules taking into consideration the necessary resources and timelines .
  • Provide expertise in the assessment of any disagreements between clients and installer companies.
  • Provide consultancy and planning services to help draw up budgetary bases and system tenders.
  • Supervise or control the adjustment of equipment quality to regulatory standards.
  • Adjust the security system design matrix to environmental, architectural, physical, personal, procedural and legal risk factors and vectors to maximise efficiency, effectiveness and consistency.
  • Carry out preceptive checks and inspections on the works to ensure the completion of the programme, and an assessment of methods and timelines.

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