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These professionals work in hardware research, design and development, supervising its production and installation. When speaking of hardware, this always refers to the ICT sector, focusing on computer components: integrated circuits, plates, memories and elements related to keyboards, printers, etc. Hardware engineers are responsible for its management and administration. They are also in charge of managing lines of research and technological advances in this field.


  • In charge of the initial product phase.
    Responsible for drawing up the specifications. At first, in charge of high-level ones and determining which characteristics are required, what restrictions they are going to have, etc. Also take environmental specifications and cost-time restrictions into account. This phase is generally executed with a large team of hardware engineers and can take several months.
    Participate in developing low-level specifications, which detail how the product will be developed (interfaces, ports, etc.).
  • Do the design.
    Use design tools such as CAD and hardware design tools like VHDL and Verilog to be able to create and subsequently simulate the system at a logic level.
    Find an 'elegant' solution for the design. There are many ways of resolving a problem: the added value of the hardware engineer is to achieve the simplest, most efficient, robust and least expensive design possible. Must be informed of technological advances that take place on the market.
    Detect possible errors and correct them using computer simulation tools.
  • Participate in constructing the prototype.
    In some cases, program devices for their elaboration.
    The prototype will allow the performance of product and quality control tests to be initiated. It will also be used to detect its reliability and financial requirements for its production.
    Will slowly take charge of the testing team and tests.
    If errors are detected in this phase, it will be necessary to design the product again and recreate the prototype.
  • Work on the final implementation of the product.
    Primarily supervise its production and installation (for example, if it is part of a larger system).
  • In charge of documentation.
    Drawing up the documentation for the entire project is essential, both for the specifications and the design employed.

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