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Switching engineer


The switching technician oversees the planning and sizing of the switching networks of mobile systems. A switching network establishes communication between the mobile services with the rest of the telephone systems. Through this network, communication between the different terminals or telephones (landline or mobile phones), and communication between networks (for example the Internet) can be established with 3G mobile communications. This is a professional with specific knowledge of the different equipment of each mobile phone manufacturer. In addition, they are responsible for the large-scale handling of the base stations and for the integration into the switching network of the signal provided by the mobile communications technicians. They can also control the switching exchanges for landline phone systems.


  • Carry out the design and sizing of both the mobile phone and landline networks (or have specialised in one of the two).
  • Oversee the putting into service of the equipment and systems of the switching systems of mobile systems.
  • Oversee the management, operation and maintenance of the different systems (telephone devices) and switching exchanges.
  • Analyse the indicators of the network's operation linked to the switching exchanges.
  • Carry out the maintenance of the mobile communications equipment.
  • Occasionally reinforce the capacity of the antennas and mobile networks when there is a significant event that involves the concentration of many people.

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