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The system maintenance technician is a professional specialised in providing technical support to the Systems Department. This position is basically different from that of other technicians in the Helpdesk Department because its "users" are not workers on different departments of a company, but the staff, also technical, of theComputer science or Systems Department who provide support for computer system, network and server maintenance tasks. In many companies where there is no system maintenance technician, these tasks are carried out by systems technicians or managers, and in other companies they are performed by the helpdesk technicians who are also responsible for microcomputers or hardware.


  • Provide support to the System Administration Department.
    Perform routine maintenance tasks of the company computer system (hardware, specific software and devices, all connected on a network).
    Update operating systems, if necessary. Each part of a system may work with a different operating system; they must all be kept updated.
    Resolve hardware and software incidents: provide support to the systems manager to solve slight day by day incidents.
    Provide support to users with doubts and problems related to the company computer system.
  • Collaborate in the management of the computer network.
    Register new users on the network or an intranet.
    Register new email accounts.
    Manage incidents such as forgotten passwords, and change network passwords every so often.
  • Maintain servers.
    Update the software required for correct server operation.
    Control the disk space of the server and expand it as required.
    Make regular backups of the server contents.
  • Perform network, hardware or even software helpdesk tasksif there id no specialist in these areas in the company.

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