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Network Helpdesk; Communications technician


The network maintenance technician is the person in the Helpdesk Department or depending directly on the Network Administration Department who solves incidents related to company networks and management device. In addition, the Department provides maintenance support to Network Administration: physical repairs and routine tasks related to networks. Like other specialized technicians of the Helpdesk Department, the network maintenance technician is usually employed by large companies. In small businesses, helpdesk technicians carry out these tasks as well as those related to the maintenance of hardware and software (microcomputers) or computer systems.


  • Solve network related incidents.
    Receive requests for services (directly or through the helpdesk operator) related to the company's networks.
    Define priorities for service requests received.
    Provide solutions to problems (usually in person): replace a non-working network component, reconfigure devices, etc.
  • Supervise network maintenance.
    Once the network built and installed, this technician supervises its maintenance, possible physical extensions, replacement of wiring, etc.
    Supervise the physical repair of network related devices: hubs, switches, routers.
    Reconfigure devices such as routers with the support of the network manager.
  • Provide support to the Network Administration Department.
    Install network devices for all company staff; including: personal computers, printers or scanners.
    Define the structure of shared company resources; that is, to resources each user has access to (always supervised by the network manager).
    In environments with static set-ups, assign names and IP addresses to network computers.
    Manage incidents that arise with telecom operators.
  • Provide support related to systems, the assembly of hardware and software maintenance, if there is no specialized position in the company Helpdesk Department.

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