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Systems engineer; Systems architect


Systems analysts are primarily responsible for identifying the needs of ICT systems of a company and for developing a project that offers an integrated solution. The term systems is very general: it refers both to hardware and to software or to communications devices (networks, servers, etc.). This professional designs new systems, adding new hardware or software or adding applications to take maximum advantage of the applied technology and to meet the needs required by the client company. It is important to note that systems analysts encompass the entire spectrum of ICT and often specialise in one area of business: finance, accounting, etc. This professional may work in companies that manufacture or sell complete computer systems or in large companies that need an internal systems integration team.


  • Assess the needs or problems of the company.
    Possibly attend meetings with clients, together with the systems consultant, to determine the nature of the problem.
    Hold discussions with staff and monitor their tasks (with surveys and polls). This makes it possible to understand how the client's company operates.
    Divide the problem in parts in order to develop the project.
  • Design the new system.
    Study the present situation and create ways to add extra operations or equipment to existing resources.
    Estimate the costs of the new system and analyse the benefit/cost ratio.
    It is important to develop an open design that supports future extensions.
    Prepare diagrammes and charts for subsequent presentation.
    Attend regular meetings with superiors or clients to establish a final version of the design.
  • Prepare specifications for systems programmers and technicians.
    Determine what hardware and software equipment will be necessary to assemble the system.
    This task includes providing a detailed description of requirements and specifying the interrelationships of the whole.
    May also occasionally program.
    Participate in the various programme correction processes necessary to integrate the system.
  • Present technical documents for subsequent maintenance and user manuals of the system as a whole.
    This task is conducted more often at companies that sell integration systems, although it is always best to have documentation that guides on the use of the new integrated system.
    May be necessary to provide training to the user.

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