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The work of database administrators consists of managing database software and determining how to organise and store digital information, verifying data integrity and assuring their security. In charge of database design, development and maintenance, coordinating changes, verifying proper functioning and efficacy in accessing data. Thus, they allow users to save, sort and extract data and share them via an internal network or even by Internet.


  • Manage the fine tuning of databases (design and development) if there is no external agency or specific internal team responsible for this function, such as database analysts or designers.
    Decide on characteristics including location, space, access method and security and their coding.
    Create programs to integrate the database and the equipment or applications programs, if necessary to fulfill specific requirements.
    Test the programs created and correct possible errors.
    Calculate the optimum parameters so that the database works well, in order to establish limits for future changes and improvements.
  • Ensure the proper running and maintenance of the databases, as well as their integrity, verifying that the information is coherently stored.
    Guarantee recoverability, namely, to return the database to a former consistent state, if errors occur.
    Verify that data are accessible to users and adjust them to their needs.
    Analyse and correct incidents, modifying programs if system or user needs change.
    Control the volume of data and reorganise them to reduce response time.
  • Provide service to users.
    Handle accounts (registers and remove users, manage access levels, etc.).
    In charge of training users on the databases.
    Also has to answer questions and help users in specific cases. It is important that fluent communications are established between the database manager and users.
  • Develop security standards and rules.
    Responsible for database security so that external agents cannot access the information it contains.
    In charge of managing backup policies. Execute regular backups (this is generally done automatically by running programs).

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