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Engineer specialized in applications associated with dependence.


This professional focuses his/her career to design, develop and/or adjust technology (software/hardware and another devices, Internet) in order to make it accessible, thereby promoting inclusion and reducing the social exclusion of people who cannot access to this technology in a conventional way. His/her work is closely linked to research.

Among the most common advances in accessibility we find the following adaptations: high contrast typefaces or with larger font sizes, screen magnifiers, screen readers, voice recognition software, adapted keyboards, and other input or recording devices. For the Web content, The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has developed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure and improve websites accessibility.


  • Analyze the ergonomics and functionality of devices (machines/hardware) that enable better communication between computer and user:
    Detect new sources of supply (especially on a technological level)
    Study the different types of deficiencies to conceive the most suitable technology to satisfy needs.
    Analyze how to apply technology to delete the barriers causing these disabilities.
  • Study the user-friendliness and improvement of current systems.
  • Combine and integrate existing systems to adapt them to people with dependences.
  • Design and/or develop technologies (hardware and software) to simplify use by people with these disabilities:
  • Plan and coordinate the inclusion of accessibility criteria in the development of hardware/software.
  • Design peripherals accessible to people with dependences.
  • Plan and coordinate the inclusion of accessibility in the development of human/machine interfaces.
  • Define the accessibility needs of new website projects and user graphic interfaces.
  • Advise organizations on how to adapt the workplace to people with disabilities.

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