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The world of software is constantly evolving due to technological change. Within this technological change, cloud computing has acquired special relevance, a technology that allows remote access to software, file storage and data processing via the Internet, becoming the alternative to the execution of these services and processes on a personal computer or local server. These technologies democratise access to information management resources from any point or personal computer or multi-location, serving several clients at the same time, so that individual users and also small and medium-sized companies have the capacity to access advanced technology in a scalable way that provides comfort and security, as it avoids making local copies of the company's or organisation's information.

This technological change has meant that professionals, companies, institutions and organisations of all kinds have the need to implement and access IT services and information management via the Internet, a task that is carried out by these professionals.

More specifically, they are responsible for assessing a company's existing infrastructure and investigating solutions for moving different functions (such as database storage) to a cloud-based system, considering the functionalities of the new system (selecting the appropriate cloud technology) and ensuring subsequent operation (maintenance service). Their functions include analysing the needs of a company or organisation, providing input into the cloud computing service design process (capacity, security, volume of data to be managed, data access, etc.) and collaborating with customer service and IT systems analysts on cloud computing project objectives. They can also make proposals for improvements to existing systems after considering the potential risks to which the traditional information management and storage system (local servers) is subject.


  • Carry out the technical tasks associated with cloud computing (design of the cloud project, data migration process, adaptation of the software used in the company or organisation to the new information management and storage system, user training, security procedures, incident management and maintenance), its development and implementation in the working operations of companies and organisations.
  • Design systems and software to support information management and cloud services, including their implementation and maintenance.
  • Lead and collaborate with companies and organisations in the transfer or migration of their IT services, software and data physically stored on on-site servers to the virtual environment of the network. Likewise, these professionals take responsibility and monitor that during the migration process there is no interruption of services to avoid possible irreversible loss of information.
  • Assist in selecting and securing cloud services for a company by analysing their needs and helping them select the right cloud technology.
  • Provide ideas for the design of the solutions to be incorporated, considering the needs of the client companies and the goals of the projects being carried out, recommending improvements to the system. It is essential to carry out a considered analysis of the potential risks of ICT solutions, based on the needs of the company or entity.
  • Understand the performance of technological solutions and resources to develop and maintain secure virtual environments.
  • Effectively analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the solutions provided, in order to assess the pros and cons and to be able to decide, together with the client, the most appropriate solution in each case.
  • Bring their experience and knowledge in systems architecture, software development and operations, as well as expert knowledge in the scalability of strategies and in the minimisation and recovery of incidents and crises.

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