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Chief broadcast engineer


This professional is in charge of planning radio-broadcasting projects and services linked to radio and TV (analogue and digital) broadcasts and radiolinks. In charge of the design, evaluation, execution and monitoring of these projects, from their concept until the station becomes operational. This person also manages and coordinates the project team. Also in charge of the financial management, feasibility, planning and drawing up of risk planning and subsequent contingency plans (plans intended to solve potential situations of crisis which may occur over the course of the project or service provision).


  • This person is in charge of the technical and financial feasibility studies required for broadcasting projects.
  • Draw up the project plan and approve the documentation to be presented to official bodies.
  • Prepare and, if necessary, execute risk and contingency plans (specific measures aimed at recovering critical project functions in the shortest time possible in the event of an incident which directly affects project operations).
  • Direct and coordinate the project team, organising and distributing tasks in order to ensure successful completion.
  • See to the follow-up of the project and ensure that deadlines, quality standards and agreed costs are met.
  • In some cases, also see to the coordination and management of the broadcasting department, carrying out the following tasks: Interact with all other departments of the company; manage the department budget; plan the growth and adaptation of the department to new technologies; also supervise and approve purchasing and station equipment requirements.

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