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Chief cable communications engineer.


This professional is in charge of managing and leading cable communication system projects. They must ensure that the infrastructures and subsystems of the cableway installations are created with the required quality and reliability, observing the agreed costs. They are also responsible for the financial management, feasibility, planning, preparation and execution of the risk and contingency plans (plans to resolve possible crisis situations that could arise during a project).


  • Oversee the analysis of the technical and economic feasibility of the projects.
  • Plan the project: formulate the objectives and forecast the time, resources and expenses necessary to carry it out.
  • Prepare, and possibly execute, the risk and contingency plans (set of precise actions aimed at recovering the project's critical functions as quickly as possible, when an eventuality arises that directly affects the project's operations).
  • Lead the project's team: appropriately manage the resources and coordinate the people of the areas involved in the different managed projects.
  • Control and monitor all the processes that are carried out during the execution of the project.
  • Supervise the overall plans of the project and approve the documentation that must be presented to the official bodies.
  • Oversee the fulfilment of the objectives, terms, quality and costs initially established. Manage and resolve the conflicts that could arise.
  • When the client does not directly assume these tasks, this professional manages the companies subcontracted to carry out the cabling projects (cable installers, excavation companies, etc), monitors the works and coordinates the third parties with the client.

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