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Systems integrator


Systems technicians are responsible for installing and configuring equipment (hardware and software), whether IT or telecommunications equipment, and integrating it into a network system. They handle the installation of the complete system, with all its components (computers, peripherals, servers, etc.). They may work in companies that manufacture or sell complete computer systems or in large companies that need an internal systems integration team. They normally work on a team led by the systems consultant.


  • Participate in the developmental stage of the design.
    Meet with systems engineers to assess the interface between hardware and software: provide a more specialised viewpoint regarding specific devices.
    Analyse software requirements to determine the feasibility of the design from a technical point of view.
    Analyse information to determine changes to be made to existing systems.
  • Perform system implementation.
    Purchase necessary equipment to install the system.
    Program equipment for integration.
    If necessary, write application programmes based on design requirements.
    Conduct tests to verify that requirements are met.
  • Handle the installation of the integrated system.
    Install and configure the final system at the client's office, including both hardware and software.
    Resolve problems that may arise during installation.
    During installation, the client may want more features; in this case, notify systems engineers.
    Train users of the new system or of the modifications.
    In some cases, recommend the purchase of humidity control systems to properly maintain equipment.
    Evaluate system capacity and requirements with programmes or by monitoring operation during installation.

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