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Cable communications engineer.


This professional is responsible for designing and fine-tuning cable communications systems. Cable transmission has bandwidth that makes it possible to transmit telephony and data at great speed; this is why it is especially useful in the case of the Internet and digital television, both in coaxial cable and fibre optic infrastructures, as well as through copper wire in certain conditions. The cable communications technician is responsible for adapting the different electronic, optical, electrical and wiring elements for installations and for ensuring compliance with the security measures in current regulations. It is important to highlight that these installations, both in their infrastructure and subsystems, must comply with the regulations regarding the use of the public highway and security.


  • Design the cable communication projects: adapt the design of the facilities to the urban development regulations in force in the municipality where the facility is being built, together with architects or civil construction managers. Write the description of the job and the works with regard to their basic characteristics and the area of influence.
  • Prepare the documentation required by the Generalitat regarding applicable legislation related to administrative contracting. This task primarily involves writing the descriptive report, which must include the needs to be met and all other types of factors that must also be taken into account.
  • Study the feasibility and use of the system's links and channels.
  • Carry out the analysis and draw up the respective safety report.
  • Conduct the environmental impact study.
  • Create the proposal of the operation regulations, which must include the self-protection plan for emergency situations, as well as the rest of the possible circumstances set forth by the regulations.
  • Oversee the carrying out of the project, with the Project Manager's supervision, and its follow-up.

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