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Expert in Internet security, Security adviser; Sneaker.


This professional tests and guarantees correct operation of the network security system of a company or organization. They are basically dedicated to thorough analysis of the system and, then attempting to check its vulnerability by "hacking it" (or simulating attacks).
Ironically, this profession emerges from people with a history of illegal activities and intrusions into foreign networks (hackers). The profession of ethical hacker emerges when the hacker joins the workforce to defend companies and other organizations from attacks on their information systems.


  • Test for intrusion or evidence of penetration in the system from Internet, to detect possible vulnerabilities.
  • Assess the network where the company places servers accessible from the Internet
    Execute specific security tests.
    Denial of Service test (DoS)
    Corporate application test.
  • Perform regular audits.
    Manage system protection for the future.
    Establish safety policies.
  • Guarantee complete security of the company computer network.
    Test the system, checking for the existence of possible security holes.
    Resolve any possible attacks.

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