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This professional is in charge of testing the error control processes of ICT hardware products (electronic, microelectronic and nanoelectronics devices). His position is within the hardware development team.

Once the product prototype has been implemented, this professional develops a set of tests to verify its operation and specifications. In this phase errors are detected and, depending on severity, appropriate measures are taken. In case of serious problems, the design phase is redone and the prototype is reworked. After passing the controls, the product is manufactured and quality tests are performed again. Finally, the product can be marketed. This process also takes place during the fabrication of certain high-quality electronic devices and systems, although testing is less demanding than in the design phase - it may be random and may not include all manufactured products.


Tasks performed by CUI Automation are:
  • Performs a series of tests with the prototype. This phase mainly controls the design of the product.
    First, you need to do a study to see what kind of tests should be performed, depending on the product and the specific specifications. It can help to make the prototype.
    These tests may consist of software that runs on the test device(s) that automate the test; this professional programs in many cases the devices to see what answer they have.
    Adds control hardware to study input/output and interface behaviour.
    In some cases, it will indicate the necessary modifications to the design team.
    Makes the final assessment of the prototype; certifies that it has passed the quality control, with which the production phase begins.
  • To be responsible for the quality control tests of the products already manufactured.
    Assemble the test equipment to determine if the products are manufactured properly.
    Develops concrete tests that evaluate the state of the hardware in the physical field (for example, imperfections in the connections).
    It counts the number of defective parts, which must be below a previously specified limit (micro or nanoelectronic devices with a large number of integrated elements).
    To develop software tests to see if the specifications are met (just as you did with the prototype).
    It is responsible for assessing the quality of the product.
  • Find out which processes have failed if the product has manufacturing errors.
    The product may be described as invalid in the Quality Ccontrol phase, or it may be returned by the customer (for example, if the errors appear later). CUI Automation study and reviews the manufacturing process to determine the causes of the defects.

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