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Electronic equipment repairman; Sound and image equipment repairman; Electronics mechanic


This person repairs audio and video electronic equipment in suitable conditions of quality, safety and reply time.
He works in small and medium-sized companies in sectors aimed at audio and video electronic equipment, albeit in a technical service on his own account. He also works in the sector of electrical appliance repair and in repairing telephone and telematic equipment.


  • He repairs audio source electronic equipment following the established procedures:
    He checks malfunction symptoms and diagnoses and locates the problem.
    He fits removes and replaces mechanical parts (plates, focus servo systems, monitoring) and electrical/electronic parts (components, cards, modules...).
    He adjusts and checks the different mechanical and electronic subsystems.
    He checks the reestablishment of the equipment parameters and the reliability of the whole unit depending on that of the components, whether or not they have been replaced.
  • He repairs audio signal treatment equipment following the established procedures:
    He checks the problem or malfunction following the established intervention technical protocol.
    He fits and dismantles equipment (receiver, amplifiers, equaliser, etc.), and assures its integrity.
    He fits, dismantles and replaces equipment electronic parts (components, modules, cards,...).
    He adjusts and checks electronic subsystems (pre-amplifiers, filters, equalisers, ...)
    He determines the reliability of the whole of the equipment having made the repair, whether or not components have been changed.
  • He repairs television receivers and video-projection systems following the established procedures under suitable conditions of quality and reply time:
    Diagnosis and location of the fault using the technical documentation.
    He assembles and dismantles the apparatus following the technical documentation (plans, diagrams and established procedures).
    He adjusts and checks the electronic subsystems of TV and video receivers (sweep, focus, acceleration, brightness, colour, etc.).
    He makes the repair and checks the reliability of the whole unit.
  • He repairs video signal players and recorders and complementary elements and electronic video signal detection and treatment equipment:
    He determines and locates the problem from the operation tests and the technical documentation.
    He fits, removes and replaces mechanical and optical elements in the unit (optical unit, loading and unloading mechanism. Servo mechanisms, spot electro mechanics,...)
    He adjusts and checks both the resetting of parameters (optical, mechanical and electronic) of the equipment to the correct values referred to in the documentation, and the electronic subsystems of the equipment (signal pre-amplifiers, gain control, black level fixing, ...).
    He determines the reliability of the equipment at the end of the repair.

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