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Systems administrators are in charge of companies' computer systems. Their areas of competence include IT equipment (hardware), programs (software), communication between computers (computer networks) and operating systems. Assure that the entire computer system works correctly to thus create an environment in which company personnel can do their jobs effectively. They have a very large range of activities, depending on company size and needs, from design, equipment procurement and installation to equipment maintenance. In general, must know how to resolve needs and problems and permanently learn and study related issues.


  • Responsible for the installation of both hardware and software equipment.
    Study company needs and decide what measures to take: purchase of computer devices from an external agency or elaboration of an internal project.
    As necessary, in charge of purchasing computer equipment and software packages; study market offers and analyse the costs and advantages of each provider.
    If the equipment acquired is not configured, assure that it is properly installed, both programming the equipment and designing applications software.
    To assure that new equipment runs properly, the administrator must study the manuals in depth and prepare them carefully. This will take maximum advantage of their features.
    Train computer users at times, particularly with new software.
  • In charge of assuring that the system works correctly.
    Manage the operating systems, updating features as necessary.
    In charge of system maintenance, managing user incidents and resolving any problems that arise.
    Resolve both hardware and software incidents.
    Monitor the different systems.
  • In some cases, set up workstations: account management, disk quotas, permissions.
  • Research and implement new technology.
    Systems administrators sometimes have responsibilities in designing projects.
    Design and develop computer programs to improve system efficiency.
  • Manage the computer network:
    Develop network application and user registration tasks, opening email accounts, resetting passwords, etc.
    Oversee management of Internet connexion.
    Add equipment to the network. These may include computers, printers, switching centres, etc.
  • Take responsibility for computer security.
    Guarantee the integrity of information: prevent external agents from accessing the intranet or damaging the information it contains, as well as its regular backup to protect data.
    Plan, coordinate and implement security measures.

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