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Data acquisition engineer Satellite systems engineer Satellite data transmission engineer


These professionals work as part of artificial satellite projects which incorporate applications that aim to offer various services: navigation, communications, meteorology or remote sensing satellites, among others. There are two key parts of these space projects: the on-board segment (the software part installed on the satellite) and the ground segment. The Data Handling Engineer or data acquisition engineer is responsible for designing the communication protocols or drivers between the satellites' different hardware and software components. They are also responsible for defining the communication protocols and designing the necessary technological applications that allow the on-board segment to communicate with the ground segment once the satellite is in space.


  • Organise logical processing system or subsystems in the production of designs for functional communication between the different components of the satellite: design protocols and drivers for the satellite's components, and design the communication protocols, to establish communication between the on-board and ground segments.
  • Design the solutions defined in the functional analysis phase, by using the most suitable IT technology, depending on the case in question (CC, C++. ADA).
  • They are responsible for designing the test plans, as well as coordinating the test phase and the supervision of the tests. Ensure that the system works properly, in line with the functional specifications.
  • Undertake tuning of the system before moving on to the operational phase.
  • Take responsibility for writing the technical specifications of both the protocols and the interfaces and drivers. They are also responsible for drafting the necessary technical documentation to develop the integration software for the different components (satellites, on-board equipment and computers supporting the ground segment).

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