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Radio maintenance technician


The broadcasting operator's duties include the installation, testing, start-up and repair of the electronic equipment used in radio and television broadcasts . He/she also looks after the maintenance of the equipment needed to guarantee broadcast continuity. The level of specialisation of these operators by and large depends on the size of the employing operator; in a small station, s/he therefore carries out tasks which are much more varied than in larger ones. This person generally works under the supervision of broadcasting technicians.


  • Following the relevant technical specifications, implement electronic equipment prototypes used for radio and television broadcasts.
  • Integrate equipment into transmission and broadcasting systems and carry out the necessary tests to guarantee that it operates properly.
  • See to the set-up, installation and maintenance of professional electronic image and sound emission & reception equipment using suitable means and techniques. Draw up failure reports.
  • In charge of carrying out modifications to hardware and software in the event of technological changes, following new equipment specifications and the guidelines provided by technical engineers.
  • Check the quality of the services on offer, adjusting to safety conditions, potential interferences and current regulations.
  • Monitor transmitted signal parameters in order to enable the proper follow-up of communication equipment.
  • Lend support to technicians when required.

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