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Systems managers are responsible for controlling the devices that comprise an integrated system. In general these are a set of servers that communicate via a network. Closely connected to networks, as they are systems that are linked to networks, but doesn't manage them directly. Must execute high-level operations and perform specific evaluations of how the overall system works. Functions also include identifying and diagnosing problems. It is important to emphasise that having a good command of systems encompasses a wide range of specialised activities. In addition to having general technical know-how, systems managers may come across very specific tasks and equipment on the job. This post is generally at companies that have complex integrated systems (with servers, terminals and digital switchboards).


  • In charge of follow-up and monitoring of system devices.
    Using a set of monitors, control all devices, employing a system that controls and relays their status. This is very important because it lets breakdowns and malfunctions be detected. In most cases and depending on business requirements, this supervision must be constant, and it will be necessary to work in shifts.
    Establish and configure alarm programs for the devices.
  • Manage proper maintenance.
    Should create software programs to configure pertinent devices (servers).
    Resolve incidents that affect the equipment and, possibly, also the network (depending on whether or not there is a network manager). Resolve problems related to software and hardware.
    Perform very specific tests with the aim of isolating problems and being able to resolve them.
  • Study possible extensions.
    Company needs must be adapted to technological changes and improvements that appear on the market. This professional must have up-to-date information on the sector in which activities are developed to be able to plan changes.
    Adapt the system to new requirements or changes in its functionality.
    Responsible for the migration process of old to new systems.
  • In charge of documentation.
    On the one hand, in charge of documentation related to configuration and information about system equipment.
    It is important to document the incidents that occur and also document the measures employed to resolve them. It will be used to resolve incidents faster and to detect design errors if the incident happens too many times.

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