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Microcomputer Helpdesk; microcomputer maintenance technician


The microcomputer technician is the person of the Helpdesk Department responsible for the installation, maintenance and resolution of incidents related to company software. This technician should have a good knowledge of the operation of all types of software programs, as well as of sector innovations. Sometimes this technician is not only responsible for providing software related support, but also that of other Helpdesk technicians, such as the installation of hardware or network maintenance. In other cases, most notably in small businesses, it is possible even only one professional assumes the functions of the whole Helpdesk Department.


  • Solve incidents related to the company software.
    Receive requests for services related to software programs (directly or through the helpdesk operator).
    Define priorities for service requests received.
    Resolve problems (by e-mail, on the phone, in person): Add new software components (dictionaries, libraries, etc.), prevent software errors and system crashes and set up the system to enable printing.
    Give advice to avoid future problems.
  • Provide office computer system support.
    Resolve doubts on how to use the most common office automation programs (how to perform operations on a spreadsheet, design tables in a word processor, etc.).
    Provide support on the use of the operating system.
  • Install, re-install and renew software in company computers.
    Perform the initial installation of the software required by the company computers.
    Reinstall or install updated versions of programs. Regularly "clean" systems: delete old programs and useless data that have been accumulated over time.
    Update the operating system and main programs and ensure that the corresponding security updates are correctly installed.
    Report on new software appearing on the market and test it to propose changes or improvements in the company software.
  • Supervise the installation of computer security programs and their maintenance.
  • Write "user manuals".
    In certain environments, the microcomputer science technician writes short guidelines on how to use certain software correctly.
  • Provide technical support related to hardware (only as support or if the helpdesk team does not include the figure of hardware maintenance technician).
    Set up new hardware units and peripherals and modify or renew then whenever necessary.
  • Provide support for system and network maintenance if the helpdesk team does not include specialists in these fields.

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