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These specialists' role entails training potential users of LAN and WAN networks. They normally prepare and lead courses or training sessions aimed at particular users. They may draw up written material about subjects relating to the use of networks (e.g. how to use email, shared files and other options available in network systems). They also offer users technical assistance in order to solve specific issues. Similarly, they sometimes work on special projects assigned by network analysts or administrators. The training tasks they perform may be aimed at groups (e.g. when a network has just been set up for the first time) or at specific individuals in particular situations and directly in front of their computer.


  • Collect, analyse and provide information about issues in the client's networks.
  • Ensure the compatibility of new desktop solutions installed in the company's systems.
  • Install or oversee the installation of hardware and software.
  • Help users when they have computer issues.
  • Provide users with information, training and technical support and solved problems associated with the installation and use of networks.
  • Train users in relation to the computer issues within their remit.
  • Design manuals and training material for users.

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