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Cybergeographer or Digital space and network geographer


This professional specializes in the geographical analysis of Internet infrastructure and its use, as well as in the visualization and mapping of online spaces. In order to achieve this, He/she analyzes both materials infrastructures and data flow on the network to represent them on Internet relief maps.


  • Interpret the spacial nature of Internet infrastructures.
    Find the number of hosts, nodes and ISPs in a selected spacial unit.
  • Perform comparative studies between countries, regions and other spacial units.
  • Make spacial analyses of the information flow of these structures.
    Monitor the evolution of Internet information flows and densities.
    Elaborate a map of the information networks according to the data transmission capacity of each one.
  • Interpret the social and economic uses of the Internet.
    Study the impact of networks on the planning of territorial and urban space.
    Analyze the impact of the digital crevice from a spacial perspective.
    Propose solutions for the balanced development of networks in physical and social spaces.

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