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Engineer specialised in designing equipment locations, docking stations, aerials and other telecommunication related facilities. This professional must comply with the current legislation in order to minimise the size and complexity of the facilities and reduce visual impact to achieve the required degree of environmental mimetism, i.e., define the colours and other features of aerials to ensure that they fit the cityscape.


  • In charge of drawing up the data sheets listing the technical characteristics of the facility.
  • Draw up technical documents for the facility, including the following: aerial location maps; calculations demonstrating the stability of the facilities and documentation justifying the best technique available, in line with the financial budget. Also define the typology and characteristics of the equipment to be installed in order to minimise visual and environmental impact.
  • In charge of checking the suitability of the surface occupied by the facilities in accordance with the urban planning regulations in force.
  • In charge of assessing the visual impact of the facilities: create graphic simulation of the visual impact from a pedestrian's perspective; draw up photographic, graphic and written documentation to justify the visual impact, clearly depicting the location of the facilities in relation to the building and its situation: description of the settings in which the facilities are to be established..
  • In charge of facility maintenance and ensuring optimal safety conditions.
  • Draw up documents expressing the consent of the owner of the land or building where the infrastructures are to be set up and obtain certifications regarding the fulfilment of environmental regulations in terms of levels and limitations.

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