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Assembly and installation technician. Technician specialised in optic fibre network installation.


They are responsible for installing, configuring, fine tuning and maintaining fibre optic systems and networks, which allow the transmission of audiovisual material and data processing, following the appropriate plans and diagrams.


  • Oversee the running of cable lines based on the design of the network created by the telecommunications engineer in coordination with the civil construction manager (if applicable).
  • Install and configure the different components and subsystems that are necessary for the client to receive the contracted services: amplifiers, communication terminals, PABX systems, hubs, modems, modulators, etc.
  • Conduct the test for the installation and fine tuning of the components (connectors, amplifiers) and communications equipment in order to ensure the required quality and reliability while observing the agreed costs.
  • Verify the assembly of the equipment in boxes, soffits or cabinets.
  • Verify that the attenuation through optical fibre welding is within the specified values, using the suitable instruments.
  • Carry out the corrective maintenance plans.

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