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Specialist in access and e-commerce techniques; IT and data transmission security consulting.


The telematic security specialist designs, develops and implements digital security infrastructures based on data protection mechanisms. e.g.: cryptography techniques, the use of public keys-PKI or signature), as well as internet platforms applied to e-commerce. S/he also carries out evaluation and IT network monitoring tasks, provides consultancy services and lends advice regarding the different technologies involved in the digital security of a particular infrastructure.


  • Define and carry out the deployment of public key infrastructures (PKI) in order to guarantee that all transactions made via the company's sales systems are secure.
  • Select tools and content management systems to develop e-commerce applications.
  • Assess the payment methods and schemes available on the market (m-commerce, identrus, set), then select and integrate those to be approved for the sales system
  • Define safety policies for the different applications of the company, especially those located in a public environment (B2B, trade, extranet, intranet, etc.).
  • Carry out tests for the selection of security products and services for user PC's: certification authorities, encryption systems, smart cards, etc.
  • In charge of reviewing all these safety policies in order to be able to use the most up-to-date tools, techniques and methods in IT and telematic security systems at all times.
  • Occasionally in charge of providing consultancy services to establish the best settings, and select the products best suited to the needs of each project and client.

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