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Telecommunication technician. Telecommunication network technician


This professional is in charge of installing telecommunication systems (telephone, radio and TV) and of their maintenance. S/he is also responsible for the monitoring of telecommunication network management and carrying out the maintenance of communication terminals. Must be willing and physically prepared to work at great heights, in communication towers or on antennas.


  • See to the implementation and set-up of telephone (telephone networks, switchboards), radio and TV systems (radio-mobile networks, closed-circuit TV, etc.).
  • Carry out implementation tests and the fine-tuning of the components and media equipment used to guarantee the necessary quality and reliability, in line with agreed costs.
  • Check that the facilities meet sector specific regulations.
  • See to the maintenance of these telecommunication systems and carry out periodic reviews and any necessary repairs.
  • Intervene in in-situ hardware and software modification processes when there are changes in technology, following new equipment specifications and the instructions of technical engineers.
  • In some cases, based on the relevant technical specifications, contribute to the development and installation of telecommunication systems (telephone, radio and TV), computer, telematic and audiovisual production systems, ensuring the operability and quality of the services.

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